AirPal is an app that educates and motivates people in areas of high air pollution to protect themselves with pollution masks.

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The Problem

China’s appalling air pollution kills millions of people a year. A simple mask can protect effectively, yet not enough people wear them. I wanted to build something to raise awareness and encourage mask usage.

The Insights

Through interviews I learned some reasons why people don't wear masks.

  1. People don’t know how harmful air pollution is.
  2. People don’t know how masks can protect them.
  3. People find wearing masks to be cumbersome and annoying.

I distilled my research insights into two guiding statements to frame the development of solutions.

How might we educate people about air pollution?

How might we use motivation to increase mask usage?

The Solution

AirPal's strategy is a holistic one that attacks on multiple fronts. The final product focuses on 1) teaching key, convincing information, and 2) leveraging community for motivation, something that was missing from existing pollution tracking apps.


Easily digestible facts and illustrations let first-time users see how dangerous air pollution can be, and how AirPal can help them stay healthy.

AQI and mask status

Keep track of the AQI (air quality index) in your current location. When AirPal notifies you to wear a mask, you can update your status and let your friends know if you put on your mask.

Help out your friends

See the AQI of all your contacts' locations, with your Favorite contacts front and center. If they're not wearing a mask in high air pollution, you can send a reminder for quick encouragement, or text or call for more urgent situations.

Essential knowledge

The Essentials section includes the most important information on air pollution, how to protect yourself, and the latest topical news. Share the information to help spread awareness.