During a three-month UX design internship at DocuSign, I worked cross-functionally on various projects alongside a great team.

  • June – September 2017
  • San Francisco
  • Managers: Marcus Perez & Anthony Forier
  • Research, UX Design, Prototyping, Visual Design
View from the office

DocuSign is a pioneer of eSignatures and digital transaction management, with services that encompass document signing to complex corporate workflows.

Plans and Pricing wizard

My main project was designing a tool to help visitors to the Plans and Pricing webpage with choosing a plan. It was an enlightening exercise in balance: between the desire for more information and working with what we had, between many stakeholder viewpoints and goals, between deadlines and wanting to do more.

Send me an email if you'd like to learn more about it!

Unreleased project

Support Center visual redesign

I worked with David Wallach on redesigning Support Center content. In the process I explored over a hundred iterations, had multiple cross-disciplinary reviews, and QA tested as the project was implemented.

Because the content was highly inconsistent, it was a challenge to make the redesign work for as many use cases as possible while staying within the limited project scope (which barred writing content guidelines). Mocking up designs with a wide range of real content was crucial.

Framer workshop

I taught the design team a workshop on Framer, a code-based design and prototyping tool that I used during my internship. At the end I walked through building an example prototype of a random number generator that I made for the workshop.

I also helped design Android UI icons in accordance with company design guidelines. And to make the most of my internship, I took the initiative to build an interactive prototype for a coworker's customer feedback project.

A team of designers gathered around a table for breakfast.
Breakfast with the design team

The DocuSign Experience Design team made me feel right at home and taught me so much. It was a truly valuable internship experience, where I really felt their passion for solving problems and commitment to teamwork.